Melon & Fish Skin



4-5 different melon balls (watermelon, honeydew melon and cantaloupe)

1 piece of fish skin (about half from one side)

1 slice galangal (or ginger)

1 kaffir lime leaf

1 chilli slice


Cut the watermelon, honeydew melon and cantaloupe melon in half and use a ball cutter to cut out a small ball. Place the balls in a bowl or plate.

Season the fish skin with salt and pepper, fry in the pan in a little oil until crispy.

Chop a slice of galangal (or ginger) into small pieces.

Chop the lime leaves (remove the stalk beforehand) and the lemon grass and grind a piece of the fried fish skin in a mortar. Mix everything well and sprinkle over the cut-out fruit balls. Or vice versa: Pour the fruit balls onto the mixture.

Serve with the crispy fried fish skin.

Use chopsticks or mini skewers when eating.