Exploring, Sketching, That Recipe on my Mind

About Eatnologist: a food art travel blog. 

Eatnologist is about illustrating experiences into culinary creations.

Exploring, sketching, that recipe on my mind:

A food recipe can be more than a set of instructions for preparing a particular dish, including a list of the ingredients required. In addition to that, the conceptual creation of a recipe can also be the result of putting together experiences, images, textures, senses, emotions, memories, reflections, stereotypes and associated thoughts that come to mind. A recipe can mirror many aspects of culture, identity and how a whole society or single person relates to its environment.

Eatnologist is about curiosity, it’s about exploring, taking a closer look at things, sketching and making notes to help visually interpret food-based experiences.

As a food blogger and a visually driven person, most of my ideas come through associative thinking by mixing different kinds of images. Representation of seasonal ingredients - and different thoughts in the form of collages and sketches - are the field notes of my explorations that work as inspirational mood boards for new recipes ideas or arrangements.

About me

I´m Fred, a mix of austrian and spanish. 

I was born on a tiny spanish island in the Atlantic Ocean where the experience of living on limited land surrounded by the sea helped me develop a considerable thirst to find out more about other unchartered territories. I work as a creative and live in Vienna, birthplace of so many renowed psychoanalists. Just by writing these lines I realize that, to a certain extent, everything seems to make sense to me... somehow.

What Recipe is on your Mind?

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