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About Eatnologist and about me

Eatnologist, That Recipe on my Mind

My food blog "Eatnologist, That Recipe on my Mind" is primarily about transforming experiences into culinary creations, trying to illustrate this creative process.

From the first inspiring idea - through notes, sketches and collages - to the culinary execution, I want to guide the reader through a journey of discovery.

Creativity and cross-connections

Creativity is the ability to create cross-connections. So, where do the ideas for a particular dish come from? How can you be inspired? How do I record my experiences and then implement them culinarily?

As designer, I´m used to visualising processes, and I would like to invite everyone who is interested in the creative development of recipes, or simply looking for inspiration, on a journey through the following three stages:



Explore, gain experience, listen to others, observe and be inspired, learn... . Travelling helps you to be creative. This forces the mind to leave familiar territory. The mind automatically begins to search for new connections. For me, something that leads us from A to B is already considered a journey: A walk outside your front door, an adventure in a distant country, an interesting conversation with someone, or the really big journey: Life. More >



And then comes the idea... . I like to draw and record what inspires me in notes and sketches. From the explored experience and from my sketches, I then create a recipe out of it. The sketch is the attempt to represent an idea, also a draft, a concept, a first overview. It can be a note (also a mental note drafted on paper) or a preliminary drawing, which does not have to be detailed or elaborate. It can be the memory of a taste or an aroma, a word, an image, a texture, an object, a color or all that together in a collage. Creative thinking is the combination of associative elements in new combinations. These combinations can form the basis for a later recipe. A recipe that still exists in this phase, only in our heads, or, as shown below, on a sheet of paper (or several). More >


That Recipe on my Mind

A recipe is the final output of a process. More than a set of instructions for the preparation of a particular dish, including a list of ingredients required, the conceptual creation of a new recipe or the adaption of an existing one to something new can also be the result of personal experiences, or textual and visual annotations. For me, these aspects are also part of the ingredients of a recipe. More >

Writing and photographing experiences, sketching, and cooking recipes, each can be seen alone as individual expressions. Or combined as one. Eatnologist is the interface between all of these in the form of a food blog that wants to illustrate the creative process, and the dialogue between food and art.

Cross-Connections can be very simple, or can represent more complex, multilayered ideas in one dish. My last project that I started in January 2019 is about that:

The Cycle of Life - That Recipe on my Mind

The Cycle of Life - That Recipe on my Mind is a project that I started in January 2019 and connects everything that Eatnologist is on a higher, and to me, even more fascinating level. The Cycle of Life - That Recipe on my Mind is a reflection on the cycle of nature and the phases of human life from a culinary perspective. More >

About me

Travel, art, design and cooking are my passions. I am curious and like to explore, I record what inspires me in notes and sketches, and from the experiences I gain, and from my sketches, I develop a recipe. The one that is in my head. That Recipe on my Mind.

I am a mixture. My mother is Spanish, my father Austrian. They live in Spain, where I was born. Today I live and work in Vienna, Austria.

Fred Mel, Eatnologist.