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A small Tapas Tour paired with 6 Austrian wines

The verb 'tapar' means 'cover', and a 'tapa' is a lid. Hence the popular theory that the term goes back to the old custom of putting a lid on the drink to protect it from flies, and that later a small snack was placed on the glass instead of the lid.

Tapas food is more than a meal. It is a lifestyle, it is a social activity where people come together to chat and laugh. 

If you want to try a bit of everything, go to a tapas place – it is perfect. Dishes do not have to be traditional Spanish dishes. This is not even the case in Spain today.


Lava landscape

Oven baked Nero de Sepia bread and Rice Cracker with seafood


Tement Morillon 2015/16

Well balanced and fruity wine (chardonnay). Creamy richness balanced with acidity and hints of apple (and slight tropical fruits depending on vintage) pairs well with richness of squid ink and garlic


"Risi-Bisi" with chicken

(Grilled peas and chicken on rice crackers)


Polz Erich & Walter (Südsteiermark), Weißburgunder 2017/18

Fresh and crisp wine, with a touch of nutty aroma. “Würzig” and full-flavored that match well with the grilled flavor of the chicken and freshness of the peas.


Rambutan-scallop- chili-tartar.


Schloss Gobelsburg Riesling Zöbing 2016/2017

The sweetness and richness of the scallop match the aromatic Riesling with fruity, full-bodied flavors. A hint of sweetness in the wine handles the chili well



(Pork, paprika, marjoram - fennel - rice - cracker and onion-pepper puree)


Reumann (Deutschkreutz), Zweigelt 2017

An elegant and soft wine with hints of fine red berries compliment the pork and hearty bouquet of the dish


Chocolate truffle, black garlic


Heinrich St. Laurent 2015

Cherries and other dark berries, fine tannins and gentle spices in the wine match the intensity of the chocolate and the fullness/richness of the black garlic