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That Recipe on my Mind | Inspired, Croatia


Raw Sea Urchins with Lemon Foam/Air Recipe


Makes 2 servings


a. 6 Sea urchins in shells
b. 1 cup Lemon juice
c. 1 cup Water
d. 3g Soy Lecithin

How to prepare:

Sea Urchins:
Sea urchins spines are venomous, so prompt and proper care is important.
Wear gloves while you trim off the spines to protect your hands from accidental stings.
1. Insert scissors in hole located on domed top of sea urchin.
2. Rotate around top of shell, cutting toward outer edge, exposing flesh.
3. Arrange sea urchins on plates

Lemon Foam / Air:  
1. Mix all 3 ingredients in a high container. 
2 Hold blender in the upper part of the liquid to bring the largest amount of air, so that a foam forms on the surface.
3. Collect the upper part with a large spoon. Arrange on sea urchins.