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That Recipe on my Mind | The Cycle of Life:

The Cycle of Nature and 12 Stages of Human Life in 12 Months and 12 Recipes

A Food Art Calendar Concept by Eatnologist.

The method:

A food recipe can be more than a set of instructions for preparing a particular dish, including a list of the ingredients required. In addition to that, the conceptual creation of a recipe can also be the result of putting together experiences, images, textures, senses, emotions, memories, reflections, stereotypes and associated thoughts that come to mind.

As a food blogger and a visually driven person, most of my ideas come by mixing different kinds of images. Representation of seasonal ingredients and different thoughts in the form of collages and sketches are the field notes of my explorations that work as inspirational mood boards for new recipes ideas or arrangements.

The idea:

Each of the 12 illustrated calendar pages posted at the beginning of the month is the visual output of my reflections for the following theme: The parellelism between the yearly cycle of nature in 12 months and 12 different stages of human life, from conception to death. They will serve as inspiration for creating at least 12 new dishes that I will post on the 21st of every month.

The creative process:

Up to new culinary adventures and sensory exploration? I invite you to follow the creative process and weekly updates through the stories at my diary on instagram here.

And of course, I will be very glad if you become inspired either by the visuals, the resulting dishes or the creative process and you share that with me. I will be happy to share it with the audience.

02_february_ eatnologist_cycle_of_life_calendar.jpg

The printed calendar.

This project mixes both analogue and digital worlds, and was created in partnership with abcdruck, metzgerdruck, abcpremium and abcmedien

The printed version of this calendar has already been distributed to their clients.

„Each printed calendar page highlights two printed fragrances/scents from the main ingredients to enhance the sensory experience“ says abcdruck general manager Natalie Rothermel. Along with the artwork (giving other visual clues of possible food pairings as a source of inspiration), the viewer will be invited to interact, explore the surface, travel with his mind and make his own interpretation of what he sees and smells, and to mentally create his own pairings.

Get inspired and embark on a one year sensory culinary adventure that will spark your creativity.

Fred Mel, Eatnologist