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The Greater Journey: The Cycle of Life
March | Birth. Another kind of Oyakodon

March | Birth. Another kind of Oyakodon


My girlfriend is from Styria, and we have a child together. An almost two-year-old girl. We often go to her parents, who live in a quiet, almost idyllic village. They have a small vegetable garden and orchard, as well as some chickens. A considerable part of their diet is based on what nature provides on this small piece of land, depending on the season.

To experience the change of seasons, to be happy about what the earth gives us all, the birth of our daughter and to observe how fast she has grown in these almost two years, has brought with it a collection of impressions and thoughts: about nature, about the seasons, about the course of time and about life. In the cycle of nature we can see ourselves. We as part of the greater whole.


On each of the 12 calendar pages I have visualised a seasonal recipe in the form of a collage. This collage serves as a note, mood board or inspiration, as a basis for the later recipe.

The collages and the resulting recipes show the parallels between the seasons and the different stages of a human life.


The Cycle of Life - That Recipe on my Mind




January: Conception

February: Prenatal Phase (Pregnancy)

March: Birth

April: Infancy

May: Childhood

June: Puberty, Adolescence

July: Early adulthood

August: Midlife

September: Mature Adulthood

October: Late Adulthood

November: Old Age

December: Death



The Cycle of Life Calendar 19