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FO 028

Food Object 018 Percebes. 
The most expensive form of seafood in the world are called goose barnacles or Percebes.
The indigenous peoples of California used to eat the stem after cooking it in hot ashes. In Portugal and Spain they are a widely consumed delicacy known as "percebes". 
But why are they so expensive? First: They taste really delicious. Second: The harvest is dangerous or even mortal, as the “percebes” grow exactly where the ocean waves crash against the rocks in the so called Mortal Coast in Galicia, Spain (just look for "percebeiros" at youtube and and you also will understand why).
Plus, an other curiosity : Male barnacles have the largest penis proportional to its body size in the animal kingdom. It can reach up to 8 times the length of the barnacles’ body (see the flaccid penis in the picture highlighted in red).