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That Recipe on my Mind


Quick note / no recipe: Squid ceviche with spicy mango jelly, avocado mousse and tortilla crumble. A (modified) recipe from Belize.

Conch meat is dense and chewy like squid (and taste similar, so as conch meat is pretty rare or inexistent in Vienna I went for squid. Cutting the conch into very small cubes is the most important step to prepare a Conch Ceviche, a dish that is common in Belize (also in Bahamas). After covering the conch cubes (in that case squid) with lime juice, let it marinate for a couple of hours (if possible in the fridge), add onion, tomato some chili (or tabasco), salt and chopped cilantro if you like.

Many other variations are possible and just as delicious (for example adding small cubes of pineapple or avocado). For that occasion I added mango jelly with chili flakes, some avocado mousse and tortilla crumble.